A’arkate’kt A’arkate’kt crafts unique pieces of Architecture which focus on client’s needs and dreams. Architect, David Turnbull, has been listening to and collaborating with, clients for over 25 years. Applying his professional skills, knowledge, and experience, he works with clients to distill their vision and requirements into practical design solutions. Projects have included a diverse range of building work of varied types, scales, and budgets. You will see the projects on this site are diverse. Our clients are diverse and we design to suit their brief. Their lifestyle. Their needs.


So why use an Architect you ask. Architects are:

  1.  Pragmatic, Trained, Insured, Design Professionals;
  2. Innovate, Future-thinking, and environmentally aware;
  3. Working to refine your ideas into a beautiful functional design;
  4.  Project Managers saving you time to do what you do best; and
  5. Overseeing quality and durable work is delivered by your builder.

There are many other reasons, but these are critical to understanding why an Architect is great to team with for your project.


  • Design is specific to the client, end user and site
  • The Client is one of your teachers
  • Educate your client during the design process
  • Design is collaborative with your client
  • Engage with project neighbours whenever possible
  • Innovate
  • I do not produce a style or edifice for my benefit
  • Reinvention of spaces and materials
  • Simple and Economical forms and construction
  • Design and detailing should be integral and functional – no stuck-on detailing
  • ARTchitecture
  • Architecture can be fun and should engage the user
  • Quirky when possible and suitable
  • Interested to deliver sustainably-built Architecture
  • Passionate about considered design
  • Remodel and re-invent rather than remove where possible
  • Efficient use of space
  • Lifecycle consideration
  • Colour, Light, Interiors, Furnishing, and Landscape are integral with Design
  • Interest in small projects with small budgets and small footprints
  • Working Intimately with clients to bring their ideas to life to produce beautiful, functional, liveable, cost-effective solutions


  • Listening to clients
  • Motivated to create client satisfaction
  • Works independently
  • Can work as a team member
  • Leads small teams
  • Understanding every project provides an opportunity to re-investigate
  • Pre-CAD Architect
  • REVIT User
  • End user focused
  • Willingness to continue to learn
  • Dedication until the end of the job
  • Collaborates with all project stakeholders
  • Competent in all stages of the architecture and building delivery process
  • Alternative problem solving
  • Adaptable and Flexible


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